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Hydration Throughout Your Day


10₂2 Daily Protocol - Citrus Breeze

This 10₂2 Daily Protocol beverage has been exclusively created for Lifebrook Advocates and Customers. Delivering aronia berry antioxidants along with Patent Pending, HydraZorb™ Hydration Technology.
It is designed to help keep your tank from running low while giving you necessary hydration throughout your busy day. That’s why we call it 10₂2

1 case is 12 bottles

Purified Water, Aronia Berry, Natural Flavors, Citric Acid, Rebaudioside A (Stevia Leaf Extract), Potassium Sorbate

When researching new product development, we came to realize that one of the most neglected parts of human health is proper hydration. We made two important discoveries.

  1. That most people are not properly protected from free radicals during the most active time of their day (from 10AM to 2PM).
  2. Additionally, we saw a parallel in the hydration research. Most people are not properly hydrated through the most active time of their day (from 10AM to 2PM).

This led us to begin the journey to create & find the most powerful hydration technology and combine it with the antioxidant power of the aronia berry. Introducing 1022 Daily Protocol made with Patent-Pending Hydrazorb™ Technology. We at Lifebrook like to say, “Why just drink water when you can absorb water?”

HydraZorb™ Structured Water molecule has been altered to provide new dimensions and capacity. An important feature of our water molecule is its polar nature. The water molecule forms an angle, with hydrogen atoms at the tips and oxygen at the vertex. Since oxygen has a higher electro negativity than hydrogen, the side of the molecule with the oxygen atom has a partial negative charge. A molecule with such a charge difference is called a dipole. These charge differences cause water molecules to be attracted to each other (the relatively positive areas being attracted to the relatively negative areas) and to other polar molecules. This attraction known as hydrogen bonding is magnified HydraZorb™

Structured Water. The structured water has been defined by Ionic treatments using salt based mineral packages. These affect the attractiveness of the molecule to polarize charging of water to enhance adhesion to other water molecules and more importantly, assimilation into bio barriers by taking advantage of the dipole effects. Water absorbs and remembers a wide range of Electromagnetic pulses and frequencies used in conjunction with mineral alterations create memory and or structural enhancements.

DMC-water created a break-through technology with the ability to program water in multiple complex fixed frequency ranges creating segments or water pockets that function as delivery packets. In the current market there are frequency driven water structures, but unlike HydraZorb™, these structures have a short life cycle and cannot increase delivery capacity.

HydraZorb™ Structured Water molecule is specifically designed to carry bio-loads through the body with unparalleled volume potential when compared to any other water molecule on earth. In generic/non-scientific terms, the following information describes the HydraZorb™ technology and the basis for comparing it to any water molecule used as a carrier within the human body.

Current Water: Non-Mammal – tap water or other Ionized/Frequency imprinted

  1. Standard water is a 70 to 78 tension to breach the water molecule wall
  2. Standard water has 5 distinct frequency segments
  3. Standard water takes approximately 20 min to digest
  4. Generic market frequency imprinted water – limited life/no added capacity

Human Body Water:

  1. Standard human or mammal water tension is 48

HydraZorb™ Structured Water:

  1. Tension is 33 to 38 – this allows up to 50% more water instantly absorbed.
  2. PH of 8.5
  3. Volumized with additional slotted capacity.
  4. Can be pre-programmed for energy enhancements and directed delivery.

Volumizing is the key to HydraZorb’s™ electromagnetic/pulse frequency enhancing technology. For visualization imagine a CD-ROM carrying case where each CD slot is a segmented partition in our water molecule and the CD is your organic water-based particle to be used as a delivery device.

HydraZorb™ structured water molecule is a higher volume carrier with 11 to 20 partitions or segments as compared to 5 segments in standard water. More segments result in the capability for bigger payloads. This uniquely structured carrier creates the only water molecule with the capability to deliver bio-loaded particles at 10 to the 10th power. HydraZorb™ Structured Water is the most advanced carrier for delivering any water-based biological compounds. This water molecule is specifically designed to carry bio-loads into and through the body and is not like any other water technology.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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